Prominent Handloom Materials in India

Handloom in India has always been center of attraction. It is because dressing styles have an essence of magnetism in them that people tend to adopt some or the other trend on every occasion. Moreover, there is some sort of exclusivity in each state’s handloom craft, whether it is printing technology or weaving style. And in all this, the importance of material lays in the way it is used for weaving or printing. Each and every material in India is a significant part of handloom industry. At some points, it is the sheer texture of material that creates magic; while at other levels, it is the softness of material that tends to hold attention.


From cotton to georgette, chiffon, silk, muslin, wool, crepe, Pashmina, synthetic and jute, handloom materials tends to give exclusivity to the whole piece of art. During carving an art on these materials, they are either used singly or are mingled with other material to create a wholesome effect. The style of Indian clothing is popular worldwide as it makes use of various kinds of handloom materials and creates something exclusive from it. Saree, salwar kameez, lehenga choli, sharara, skirts and churidar suits are some of the gifts that handloom department has given to us.

The relation of Indian clothing and handloom is ages old. From making a particular material to weaving it with threads or printing it, handloom materials undergo so many processes. After that, they are carved into stylish dresses for the people to adorn their body. It is because of this that handloom department in India is taking care of every note over the developments.