Handloom Printing Styles in India

The technique of printing is as old in India as the ancient times. In fact, this art form is the expression of traditions practiced since the time immemorial. It is the use of vibrant colors coupled with subtle designs that make the entire piece of handloom look so ethnic and vivacious. After all, every printing technique in India is associated with some or the other methods that are particular to few states only. Tie and Die is used in Gujarat and Rajasthan; Block Printing is practiced in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh and Banaras; Batik Printing is famous in many part of India.


The printers use a lot of techniques to carve beauty in a cloth piece. It also depends on the kind of fabric used and its quality. From the older times till now, various approaches have been applied and development is carried out in terms of making newer machinery for printing. And this technique has enabled the artists to bring more and more finesse in the handloom products. It is the hard work of the artisans that makes the final product a masterpiece.

With the wealth of so many printing technologies, India has been famous for its exclusivity and uniqueness in creative styles. The printers have been continuously experimenting with various traditional and contemporary styles of printing to carve a beautiful fusion out of it. And it is this fusion, which is getting a wide acclaim in the international market also. Not just this fusion; but, traditional trends still hold attention in abroad.