Handicrafts in India

Handicrafts and handlooms are two such industries in India that have their special identity. With a mode of expressing one’s mind, soul, traditions and modern outlook, these two industries have created magic all over the world. The variety and expertise of handicrafts speaks through pottery, metal work, jewelry, wooden art, marble or stone work, paper mache items and toys. On the other hand, the glory of handloom industry can be stated in the form of designer clothes with a variety in fabric, printing styles, designs, patterns and specialized embroideries. In fact, almost every state in India has their own style of handicrafts and handlooms to boast their distinctiveness.

  • Pottery: Khurja, Jaipur, Terracota (West Bengal), Tamil Nadu
  • Marble: Makrana, Agra, Gorakhpur Wood: Delhi, Saharanpur, Barmer,
  • Sankhera, Kolkata, Hoshiarpur, Jodhpur, Tamil Nadu, Mysore, Varanasi
  • Metal: Delhi, Moradabad, Aligarh
  • Brass: Delhi, Moradabad, Aligarh, Jaipur
  • Jewelry: Ahmedabad, West Bengal, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi
  • Crafts: Delhi, Pondicherry, Assam
  • Lamps: Khurja, Jaipur, Moradabad, Assam
  • Toys: Delhi, West Bengal, Lucknow